Influence Marketing and the Future

 Arik Hanson, principal, ACH Communications

The Influencers marketing status report  published last February stated that three of the most big challenges for mkt & communication practitioners are to identify influencers, interact with them and measure the results of influence marketing. How do you think, communication professionals should face these challenges?

By better managing expectations internally, for starters. Identifying and finding these influencers is often a time-consuming process, and if you’re hiring a consultant/agency to do the work, it can be costly. I feel like that’s often overlooked by brands. So, I’d start there. In terms of interacting with influencers, I’d suggest brands think hard about what’s in it for the influencer before making “the ask.” So often, I see brands engaging influencers with an ask that benefits them–but rarely benefits the influencer. So, that could mean paying the influencer–sponsored posts are always an option in today’s landscape. But, if it’s not a paid opportunity, you really need to find a big benefit for the influencer. You know what’s in it for you–but what’s in it for the influencer? That’s a key question that often goes unanswered.